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Transfer files to your devices with IIS

IIS is a great web server from good guys at Microsoft. Since it’s Microsoft technology it is natively supported in all the version of Microsoft windows. We’re gonna use IIS as a web server for our home computer and use it to transfer files to other devices like iPad.


  • You must have Windows computers
  • All the devices mus be connected to the same WiFi


  • IIS Activation
  • IIS Configuration

First Step: Activation

First (on some devices) you need to activate IIS in the Control Panel:

Go to Control Panel --> All Control Panel Items --> Programs and Features or simply copy the below address in your address bar:

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features

Now Click on Turn Windows Features On or Off and then check Internet Information Services.


Now you have our IIS set-up and running all the files in c:\inetpub will be published in localhost (supposing your Windows is installed in Drive C) Go to the address localhost in your browser and voila!

Second Step: Configuration

Now go to IIS configuration it is located in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and go to Directory Browsing


Now, All you have to do is to know you computer’s IP address in your local network simply go to CMD (By pressing Win key + R now type CMD. In the Command Prompt window type Ip config. Copy your IPv4 address.


Now go to your inetpub folder and copy anything you want to transfer to you devices. enter the IP Address you had copied previously in your iPad, iPhone etc. and hit go.