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How many possible Persian words are there?

Possible word combination of Persian

The syllable structure of Persian is CVCC meaning it can have one (C)onsonant following a (V)owel and two consonants. Persian has 23 consonants and 6 vowels. The minimum number of vowels and consonants a syllable can have is one vowel.

The Persian syllable structure can be:

(C), (C)(V), (C)(V)(C), (C)(V)(C)(C)

Which gives us:

6 + (23*6) + (23*6*23) + (23*6*23*23) =


This is only the possibility of occurring monosyllabic words.

For a bisyllabic word we have:

76320**2 = 5824742400

For a trisyllabic word we have:

76320**3 = 444544339968000

Biggest word I could find in Persian is:

اطمينان آفرينترين

Which has 8 syllables which gives us: