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Language Identification

Language Identification is a method of determining the language given a string. There are numerous methods for language identification but in general, this task is categorized as a sequence labeling task since we are going to label a sequence and our labels are different languages. For instance, a method for language identification using neural networks can be seen at

Considering the fact that training a neural network and on top of that preparing the dataset for the network to train on, is a time-consuming task we will stick to existing methods.

Langdetect: Langdetect is a very lightweight and fast library which detects languages instantly.

from langdetect import detect
>>> detect("I am bigger than you")
>>> detect("Bonjour, mademoiselle")

The results from the language detector for Craigslist extracted dataset comes as below:

{'fr': 155, 'en': 5179, 'no': 65, 'et': 28, 'id': 52, 'af': 71, 'de': 321, 'da': 73, 'vi': 53, 'ca': 99, 'nl': 91, 'tl': 44, 'sv': 32, 'it': 118, 'so': 43, 'sl': 6, 'hu': 25, 'pt': 47, 'cy': 32, 'hr': 3, 'es': 67, 'sw': 7, 'ro': 64, 'fi': 6, 'pl': 19, 'tr': 17, 'lt': 9, 'lv': 8, 'sq': 5, 'zh-cn': 12, 'cs': 2, 'sk': 6}

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